Taiichi Ohno

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Ohno bracht alle best practices om slimmer en sneller te werken samen in het Toyota Productie Systeem (TPS). Het Toyota Productie Systeem kennen we ook als Lean Management. Ohno deed alles om verspillingen te voorkomen. De verspillingen kennen we als de 7 verspillingen. Verder had Ohno 10 leefregels die voor elke Lean coach opgaan. 

  1. You are a cost. First reduce waste.
  2. First say, “I can do it.” And try before everything.
  3. The workplace is a teacher. You can find answers only in the workplace.
  4. Do anything immediately. Starting something right now is the only way to win.
  5. Once you start something, persevere with it. Do not give up until you finish it.
  6. Explain difficult things in an easy-to-understand manner. Repeat things that are easy to understand.
  7. Waste is hidden. Do not hide it. Make problems visible.
  8. Valueless motions are equal to shortening one’s life.
  9. Re-improve what was improved for further improvement.
  10. Wisdom is given equally to everybody. The point is whether one can exercise it.
Taiichi Ohno

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